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Searsol provide education solutions for children with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, DCD, ADD / ADDH and other learning difficulties. We also offer online typing courses for anyone  who want to learn to type using Typehands.com.

Typing kids children summer typing camp will be running in July 2014. This summer camp will be running in Ballinteer, Dublin. The course will run for one hour per day. The kids summer typing camp has been very sucessful in getting children typing. Ideal for children or kids starting secondary school.

Searsol now offer our new online typing and literacy (spelling) course using Typehands. This  new online interactive typing and spelling course Typehands. The course is split into two, a typing module and literacy (spelling) Module using Typehands.com. The typing module is specifically designed module to teach you how to touch type. The literacy module is aimed at improving your spelling through the means of touch typing. To try our free trial of typing module please select the user login button.

Benefits of the Typehands course:

    Customised learning - words list can be imported and assigned to a group or individual.
    3D hands with a green finger which shows the user what keyboard button to use.
    Interactive games module with words.
    A graph of all previous percentage scores and Word per minute (W.P.M) displayed.
    Self-paced online course for successful learning anywhere!

Typing Module

The aim of the typing module is teach you how to Touch-type online. Using our unique 3D hands, users are shown how to use the home keys and then progress to all other button on the keyboard. A green finger highlights the correct keyboard button to select when typing on the letter.

Each exercise is graded and a percentage score is presented to the user each time a user completes an exercise. Each letter or word is called out to the user so allowing the user to type in the correct word. Words per minute (W.P.M) and accuracy percentage are displayed to the user at all times. Learn to type quickly and efficiently with the typing module. For a free trial, please click on our login in button and enter your name to access a free passcode. A free passcode will allow you to access the first lesson of twenty exercises which is based on the home keys. If you like the typing module then you can upgrade your passcode to our paid offering at any time.

Literacy Module (Spelling module)

Typing is an unique literacy tool, It offer a very cost effective way of dealing with literacy and spelling difficulties. It allows schools or any organisations to upload their words or sentences through theadministrator console. Words list can be based on the curriculum that the school is following. Learning can be customised for a group / class or for specific individual student. Different word lists can be uploaded through the administrator console for each group or student. This can allow for customised learning to take place. It can help students conquer words that are proved difficult to learn in the traditional class room environment.

It allows each student to have their own unique passcode. This passcode allows the student to access the course online from any computer. Learning can take place not only at school but at home. A graph is presented to the user which shows how the student has got on with each exercise.

Our course is a multi-sensory (seeing, hearing, speaking, touching) online learning course for people with spelling or writing difficulties. Children or kids with dyslexia or dyspraxia can benefit from been able to touch type. Typing allows a student to gain independence and master a skill for life using Typehands.com.

Learning is promoted by a multi-sensory approach. The words are presented on the screen as an user types them out. The words are pronounced as they are typed. The structured course is finely graded in exercise and lessons using over 3000 words. With each successful exercise completed children with dyslexia is encouraged to progress further. Children or kids with dyslexia develop their own learning speed, therefore there are no peer group pressures. It gives focus and support for a positive learning experience.

Our course is for anyone who has spelling, or who wants to learn how to type. Itis especially helpful for those children or kids with dyslexia, dyspraxia, DCD, ADD / ADHD or who have specific learning difficulties. The course is designed to teach the children to Touch-Type or bring confidence to their typing. At the same time it teaches Spelling.

It does this using phonics. It encourages students to learn how to spell by typing the words in seven times. It teaches essential spelling and reading skills Each children with dyslexia works through the course at their own pace. Children or kids with dyslexia sees the word written very clearly on the screen. Children with dyslexia hears the computer say the word correctly. Children or kids with dyslexia types the word they have seen and heard.

It has a games module which allows the children to learn sentences through our interactive games modules. As the child progresses up through each level the words and sentences get more difficult.

A series of levels, each of 20 exercises, is clearly presented to the children or kids with dyslexia as words and sentences.

The children with dyslexia hears the words as they are about to type them Each course has at least revision exercises based on the words from the previous exercises These are typed by the student and monitored by Typehands. Mistakes are shown instantly, and children, students or kids dyslexia can quickly correct them.

Searsol also offer the typing and literacy course throughout Dublin in its various  course centres for children or kids with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and other learning difficulties or children that want to improve their spelling. We also have dedicated typing classes for students who want to learn how to type. Our typing lesson are run throughtout Dublin and aim to teach children how to type correctly.

At Searsol we aim to provide high quality educational solutions to Children and Adults.

We offer the following range of education solutions:

Ginger - online spelling and grammar checker.
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Typing courses for children. >>more info

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